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Below we have addressed the duvet style to help better understand the difference between a duvet and a bedspread, tips on designing, and what is included in the duvet set.  After you select the style and type of duvet then you will need to visist the pillow package page to determine what package is right for you.

The photo gallery pages include both duvet and  bedspread designs, any design can be made into a toddler, twin, daybed, full, queen, queen, bunkie, or dorm size.  Remember our bedding is custom made and you may design your own, modify any of our designs, or purchase any of our collections.   Need help call us toll free 866-360-750 or 866-674-3276 or email us at

DuvetOur duvets are reversible.  Duvets have two sides, and designed to have an opening of some type for inserting a filler/comforter if you wish.  There are many design styles to accommodate the opening.  

A duvet typically consist of two pieces, center panel and side panel. The center panel is the piece that lays on the top part of mattress, the piece that hangs down the side is the side panel. The top of a mattress are standard sizes for all brands. What is different is in the depth or thickness of a mattress.  The depth of mattress can be 6inches to 21 inches or more. This is why a standard duvet, one size fits all will not fit properly.  And of course we all try and compensate for this by buying the next size larger.  The problem with buying the next size largeris now the skirt decking is too big and will not fit properly on top of the box springs. This is why Whistle Stop bedding, is custom made upon ordering.  

The side panel of the duvet should always be long enough to overlap the top of the skirt by several inches.  When ordering please provide us with the depth/thickness of your mattress. Measure the side thickness.  We will add the appropriate adjustments.

When selecting the duvet type bedding it will most often require a skirt.  The skirt is often referred to as a dust ruffle.  The bed style will determine whether a skirt is required. No skirt is usually required with the captain's style (drawers) or a trundle style.  A drop length of 14-16 inches is a standard length with most premade bedding.  But we all know, the standard drop length seldom fits, either the skirt is too short and in some rare cases too long.  We will need your drop length for the skirt.  please measure from the top of the box springs to the floor.

We have designed our duvets to be reversible and equally designed on both sides. We have several styles and designs for our duvets as well as skirt styles. Below are example of our duvets.  The filler is extra, we have 4 choices for fillers.  We will adjust the filler to properly fit your custom size and add snaps to keep the filler in place.

Many of our designs include a border around the center panel.  The side that has the opening for inserting a filler can be done in several ways.  We can leave an opening at the top, this type has a custom button closure or you may have ties.  Next style is the horizontal opening.  This style is designed by dividing the duvet into 3rds, then we use one fabric for the top 1/3, then a horizontal opening with a custom button closure, then we select another fabric for the bottom 2/3's. Another style is the vertical opening, this means a fabric is selected for 2/3's to the left of the vertical opening and a coordinating fabric for the 1/3 to the right. This style has a button closure and it runs vertical from top to bottom.  It is very unique and different. The different styles can be seen by viewing the photo gallery.  For more detailed information, pricing, and styles please email us for the most current information.  We will provide you with our price list and photo examples of styles. Some of this information can be found pricing section.,, please email us for the most current pricing for custom orders.

This is the border style, with the opening at the top, both sides of the duvet are finished making it reversible.


 side one, then flip to the other side  side two     


 Horizontal opening 1/3 top with band, custom button





Vertical Opening, 2/3's left, and 1/3 right, buttons run vertical






This is a Duvet style

The 3 piece Duvet set includes:

1. Large Jumbo Sham (reversible-finished on both sides) and includes the pillow insert for sham  Twin Jr. Jumbo Sham is 26Lx40W, and full/queen Jumbo Sham is 26Lx54W

2. Reversible  Duvet (finished on both sides) and  

3. Skirt …select style of skirt

 Tailored Box Pleat Skirt

 Twin 3 pc set


Tailor Box Pleat

 Full 3pc set


Queen 3 pc set




Flip back pleat

$575. $625.


Gathered Skirt

$625. $675.
Piping, ruffles, & trim are extra, the basic set includes the 3 pieces, what detail you add will determine the final cost.
Side 1

Side 1 of Reversible Duvet
(1) Center Panel, (2)  Border  (3) Side Panel of duvet  (red arrows)
When designing your duvet, select fabric for (1) center panel (2) border and (3) side panel.  We will need the thickness of your mattress to determine the length of the side panel for a perfect fit.

Adding Piping or Trim around the center panel, outside border edge or bottom edge.
1. (Yellow arrows)  #4 is the inside border edge, #5 is the outside border edge and #6 is the bottom edge around the duvet. Piping, or trim around the border or bottom edge is extra.  This duvet has piping around center, outside edge of border, and bottom edge.  Side 2 of the duvet has piping also around the center panel, and outside edge of border also.  We recommend at least adding the bottom edge piping. 

Side 2

Side 2 of Reversible Duvet
 Side 2:  (5) Inside Border Edge has Piping and (6) Outside Border Edge has Piping  {Piping or trim  around the center or outside border edge is extra.  The bottom of duvet piping or ruffle is extra.

Skirt:  (7) is the skirt, this photo is a gathered style with a ruffle   (ruffles and trim on the bottom of the skirt is extra. Another Option is adding a band of a coordinating fabric on the bottom of skirt rather than a ruffle.  You might want to add trim at the top of the band or ruffle.  Detail can add to the appearance.  We will need the drop length for the skirt, this is the measurement from the top of the box springs to the floor.



 Tips for Designing the Jumbo Sham

 Our large sham is designed to require only 1 sham for a twin, full, or queen.  The twin is 26L x 40W and the full//queen 26L x 54W.  The Sham includes the pillow insert. If designing a daybed you have two options 2- Twins Jr. Jumbo or 1 Large Jumbo Sham, the length of the day bed is 76 Wide, and a jr. jumbo is 40 and a large jumbo is 54w.  

Shams Designing

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